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Rental Agreement Template Luxembourg

Do not forget to take out tenant risk insurance. This is a legal obligation. By renting a house in Luxembourg, you also submit to the associated obligations. For example, each tenant must have a fire and diversity insurance contract, as well as an insurance contract in the case of a rental apartment furnished by the owner. You can inquire with insurance companies. The tenant may request that the rental deposit be returned if: The inventory does not necessarily have to be a separate document that is different from the lease itself; it can also be an exchange of letters or simply a clause in the agreement. Once you have found a house or apartment to rent, you will need to negotiate and sign a lease or lease. You should read the lease carefully before signing it, and if you have any doubts or questions about any of the terms, have them translated or explained. Finally, do not forget to specify in your rental contract the amount of the rental guarantee. This is an upfront payment to cover damages that may occur when the tenant leaves the property. This payment may not exceed the equivalent of three rents. For an owner who is trying to rent a studio, apartment or house, the best solution is also to use a real estate agency that will organize the visits and take care of all the administrative procedures. In addition, it remains free for the owners, as it is usually the tenant who pays the rental fee.

In this case, the tenant must wait until the annual distribution of the additional costs is determined before claiming the refund of the rental deposit. The lease is usually accompanied by an inventory, which is signed by the tenant and the owner or by the real estate agent on behalf of the owner. The inventory report describes the equipment, furnishings and their condition as well as the general condition of the property upon arrival. The legal notice to leave the accommodation is 3 months before the current rent period. You will have to pay the 3 months of rent due, even if you leave the property earlier, unless you find a tenant to take your place with the consent of the landlord. You will probably be asked to choose a guarantor and/or rental guarantee to cover any damages committed by the tenants or non-payment when signing the lease, whether required by the agencies or by the landlord. The law does not specify what the contract must contain, but in general the following will be written on the contract: A standard lease in Luxembourg is written for a fixed term of three years. If you have a shorter assignment, you can apply for a one- or two-year lease or have a diplomatic clause included in the standard lease. You usually need to give three months` written notice to break or terminate a lease.

With a diplomatic clause, you can shorten this period to one month, but your move must be related to your job, i.e. either a change of job or a transfer. In addition to the basic rent, you will have to pay a monthly contribution to the usual costs (often also if you rent a family home). If the rental agreement provides that it is accompanied by a guarantee of first claim or a simple bank guarantee, the amount of the deposit will be transferred to a special bank account of the tenant. Damage caused by normal use, wear and tear or rot is not considered rental damage (e.g. B, small holes in the wall due to nails used to hang paintings), and the tenant can not be held responsible for this damage. Therefore, it is not necessary to mention such damage in an outbound inventory check. A rental agreement may include a clause prohibiting pets in the property unless the owner gives consent. Don`t forget to inquire in advance if you have or want to adopt a dog or cat as a pet. The standard rental period in Luxembourg is usually 2 or 3 years, but you can negotiate with the landlord (or agency) to have a shorter lease.

In any case, the deadline must be specified in the rental agreement. If you wish to move at the end of the rental period, you must inform your landlord by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at least 3 months in advance and pay all rents due up to that date. If you or your landlord do not give notice of termination, the fixed-term contract will automatically renew at the end of the period and will be converted into a monthly contract (unless otherwise agreed). This means that you can cancel your lease at any time. Of course, you should always give 3 months` notice in advance. If your lease requires payment of a security deposit, it is highly recommended that you do an inventory check with your landlord (or agency) before moving into the property. .

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